"Witwen Park is an old church meeting grounds with white wooden buildings in a quiet setting next to Honey Creek. There, on soft summer nights, surrounded by neighbors and friends, listening to great music, a person feels about as close to perfection as he or she is likely to get in this life."  Joan and Bob Weiss


Witwen Park and Campground


Every concert ... every year ... people ask "Who prepares the floral arrangements?" 

From the survey distributed at the end of the season: "The grounds, decorations, flower arrangements add so much to the atmosphere."  and "Flowers, grounds and food very nice.  Thanks"

Stage geraniums and grounds flowers are provided  and maintained by Alice.

Enjoy some of the creations by Eileen using garden, prairie, field and wild flowers, berries and weeds...

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Lilies,Culver's Root, Russian SageGlorioso Daisies, DayliliesZinnias, Snapdragons, Daisy

Lily, ZinniasWhite Stargazer Lilies, Blackberries, Queen Anne's LaceMixed Lilies

Glad, Rose, DaylilyQueen Anne's Lace, Russian Sage, Culver's RootSnapdragons, CleomeZinnias, Chard, Hosta leaves